Make An Egg Wash

Egg wash is a mixture of egg and water that is used to brush on top of breads and pastries before baking to give them a shiny, golden brown finish. We highly recommend it for giving your baked creations that extra finishing touch!

In baking, many recipes call for an egg wash to be brushed on the baked good before it goes into the oven. The purpose of this is to give the final product a golden brown color that is slightly shiny.

An egg wash is made simply by whisking together an egg with about a tablespoon of water. Most baker’s don’t actually measure the amount of water that is whisked in, they just eyeball it until it looks like it is the right consistency.

You want to make sure that the egg white and yolk are completely incorporated and thin enough to easily brush on your dough with a pastry brush.

Your friends and family will notice the difference!


1 Whole Egg (whites and yolk)

1 tbsp. Water


1. Combine the egg and the water together and whisk vigorously until well combined and very smooth. You can add a bit more water if needed to thin out.

2. Brush on top of your baked goods before baking.

3. If you have leftover egg wash, you can store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator for 3 days.


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