Raw Dough Puff Pastry Dough Sheets ( 2 - 10" x 15" Sheets)

Product image 1Raw Dough Puff Pastry Dough Sheets ( 2 - 10" x 15" Sheets)
Product image 2Raw Dough Puff Pastry Dough Sheets ( 2 - 10" x 15" Sheets)
Product image 3Raw Dough Puff Pastry Dough Sheets ( 2 - 10" x 15" Sheets)
Product image 4Raw Dough Puff Pastry Dough Sheets ( 2 - 10" x 15" Sheets)
Product image 5Raw Dough Puff Pastry Dough Sheets ( 2 - 10" x 15" Sheets)

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Our beautiful, all-butter puff pastry dough is truly the very best in the county. Our ingredients and lamination techniques scrupulously follow the traditional methods while saving Chefs the time it takes to build the hundreds of thin layers needed to make from scratch.

Each order comes with 2 sheets of 10" x 15" puff pastry dough.

Puff Pastry Baking Instructions

*When your order arrives at your door, bring the box inside and open. Remove your order of Puff Pastry. Each order ships in rolled sheets, packed in quantities of two, side-by-side, rolled around plastic. Immediately place all sheets you do not wish to use right away, into your freezer.

PLEASE NOTE: Puff Pastry is a non-yeasted product, so PLEASE DO NOT PROOF!

Puff Pastry Dough consists of hundreds of alternating layers of dough and fat, achieved during the folding process. This fat must be protected, in order for the dough to perform. As such, the dough must remain cool at ALL TIMES, otherwise the fat will begin to soften, effectively destroying the dough's hundreds of layers.

1. The first step here is to preheat your oven to a proper temperature, to thoroughly bake the puff pastry. 400º is a good baking temperature for this. Preheat your oven first, and then it will just be ready to go when you are!

2. To properly and safely unroll the dough from its rolled up, frozen shipping shape, remove the desired number of sheets from your freezer, place the desired amount of dough on a very lightly floured surface ( a standard cutting board will do, nicely ) and and allow the dough to rest, at room temperature, for five minutes, until the dough becomes slightly pliable and is no longer able to crack ( as it will when still completely frozen ).

3. Once the dough thaws, ever so slightly, you should be able to unroll it safely, without cracking the sheet, into its full 10" x 15" rectangle shape. When ready, unroll onto a cutting board for further manipulation.

4. Depending on your intention with the raw dough, trim, cut and form the pliable dough, into the final shape of your choosing ( for recipes and and usage ideas, visit our Recipes page, for inspiration and more input on proper technique ). 

5. When you've added your fillings or shaped your dough into the desired end result, place your creations onto your baking sheet, along with a sheet or parchment paper for baking. 

6. When properly spaced and arranged on your sheet, place your tray into the preheated oven and follow baking times, according to your final recipe. 


a. ) Puff Pastry can be easily and safely egg washed before baking, to add shine to your finished baked goods. Products should be egg washed, immediately before going into the oven. To make a quick and easy egg wash at home, find our recommended recipe HERE ).

b.) Because of the richness of the dough, it is very critical to fully and properly bake puff pastry items. A common stumbling block in the success of baking puff pastry is that it will shrink and/or collapse after baking, if not properly handled. 

c.) Properly baked Puff Pastry will have a rich, golden color, with absolutely no appearance of white, raw dough. Depending on the oven, it may be necessary to reduce the oven's temperature, slightly,  after 15 minutes.

Product Specs

Papa Michel sells the highest quality puff pastry dough available on the internet! We ship our 10" x 15" dough sheets, rolled into mini logs, in order to protect them from breakage during shipping. We offer the sheets, rolled, in packs of two. Please see baking instructions for proper handling of the product.

Each single sheet of Puff Pastry dough weighs approximately 15 oz.

Ingredients List

INGREDIENTS: Unbleached Enriched Wheat Flour , Ascorbic acid, Niacin, Reduced Iron, Thiamine Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid, Enzyme (added for improving baking), Margarine (Vegetable oil, Water, Salt, Mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, Citric acid, Tocopherol-rich extract, Flavor, Beta carotene) Water, Butter (sweet cream, natural flavor), Sea Salt.

CONTAINS: Milk, Wheat.

** Manufactured on the same equipment with product containing eggs

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