Prebaked Brioche Nanterre

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Have you had Brioche before? Given its popularity in various culinary venues these days, chances are you have. Even if its just as a bun of a burger you've had in a restaurant, the likelihood of a modern day Brioche encounter is highly likely!

But Fans of Brioche, TAKE NOTE: this one is in a completely different league. This is Brioche that must be tasted to be believed! We promise you that this Brioche bread loaf will blow away all of your expectations. 

Developed for the food service industry, as a way for chefs in kitchens to easily access an entire loaf of this sweet, buttery (dare we safe "heavenly") bread. Pre-baked and ready to serve as is, or incorporated into more elaborate dishes without having to create and bake the entire loaf from scratch, this deliciously rich bread is a definite high water mark for us. Once we developed this product, we knew we had something very, very special on our hands.

We are very excited and proud to announce that these full Brioche "Nanterre' loaves have arrived in our pastry shop and are now available to all of our customers, fully baked and ready to pull apart and enjoy.  You may choose to simply pull it apart and dip it in coffee, or slice it up, as a chef would and dip into your best, homemade French Toast batter for one of the most stunningly delicious breakfast dishes you have ever experienced

Oh, and perhaps the icing on the brioche cake is that, since they are already fully baked, it completely eliminates the need for dry ice that many of our other products require to maintain their qulality, freshness and performance. This translates into much cheaper shipping rates. We think it's pretty exciting and definitely worth celebrating!




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